After the patch with no holes is removed, an identically dimensioned patch with two holes is built.
It requires two holes that are centered around its midpoint.
The holes are 1 1/4 in. (32 mm) apart.

A nail is hammered a short way into the two locations where the holes are desired

The Dremel bit shown is then used to make a larger holes in the hose.
This bit should not be pushed all the way through the hose.
It should only make a hole that is large enough to push the bit in the next picture into the hose hole.

The Dremel tapered sanding tool then fully penetrates the hose and creates a 7/32 in. (7 mm) hole.

Both sides of the hose shown should have the holes sanded to clean the edges.

Other techniques for making the holes may be used.
The diameters of the holes don't have to be exactly 7/32 inch.

Use the Dremel cylindrical sanding tool to sand off the bottom of the hose patch with two holes. (The glue does not hold if the top layer of the hose material is not removed.) 
Sand off approx 1 in. around all of the edges.

Apply a generous amount of glue to all four sides of the
two-hole patch, and then clamp around the PVC.
Be sure that you can see the two ink dots that were place on each side of the small rectangle in the inner hose.

It can help find the two dots by marking a line on the hose, that extends beyond the 2 hole patch, on which the center of the small hose rectangle sits.

The two outer clamps go around the top patch, the PVC and the inner hose.
The two inner clamps also go around the four rods again to  insure that all of the edges of the top patch have their glue pressed onto the PVC.

The glue must dry overnight, and the next day the finished spray hose nozzle can be tested.
The nozzle has been operated at 100 psi with no problems.

The 1 1/2 in. hose is from All American Hose.
It is in the HFX15 family.
The patches are made from 5 inch diameter HFX50 hose.

All of the steps shown previously are the same.
Only the dimensions have changed.
This is the glue that works for me.
It sticks very well to PVC and the HFX series hose from All American Hose.
The exact hose numbers are HFX15 for the 1.5 inch hose, and
HFX50 for the 5 inch hose for the patches.
The ruler is 1 foot in length.
This is what the 3 1/2 long nozzle looks like when bent.
Some people want to be able to roll the hose for storage, and this smaller version of the nozzle should help achieve that.


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