Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Wildfire

The image below shows the Digitally Controlled Spray Hose System protecting Critical Infrastructure from wildfires.
If the infrastructure shown is an electrical substation, then the smoke from the approaching fire can cause
electrical arcing which can severely damage the substation. The hose can be positioned far from the substation,
and hopefully minimize any smoke damage.

In the figure, the pickup truck in the right foreground is drawing water into the system from a water source.
There is no spray enabled by a valve in the truck because there is no fire in the proximity of that hose segment.
The valve in the pickup truck is not allowing spray from the dual hose segment from the truck to the valve at the lower left.

Note the remotely controlled valve box at the lower left of the figure. The valve is not permitting water (or foam) to enter the spray hose of the section controlled by that valve. 

The pickup truck at the upper left is deployed if the distance around the protected facility requires relay pumping to boost pressure.
Each of the hoses in the system contains a wire pair that supports the digital control network that can control the relay pumping in addition to controlling the spray spray enabling valves.

A subsequent page will give details of Digital Relay Pumping

The spray hose segment fed by the pump on the pickup truck has been enabled to create a water curtain to stop a grass fire that is coming toward the facility from the top of the page.

The final remotely controlled valve box at the upper right is not enabling a spray from the spray hose chamber.
Since water is being sprayed only where needed, the system is very water efficient.

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